Meet the Team Behind Tent Rental Systems

Get to know the dedicated team that powers Tent Rental Systems. Our group of skilled professionals is passionate about creating and supporting software solutions that drive success in the tent rental industry. With a diverse blend of expertise in technology, customer service, marketing, and business strategy, our team is committed to delivering excellence and innovation. Learn about the people who are working every day to ensure your experience with Tent Rental Systems is nothing short of exceptional.

Rob Weinstein

CEO & Co-Founder
In addition to his busy business life, Rob is a family man. He has been happily married for 22 years and has two wonderful children, ages 19 and 17. He also has the honor of having been one of the world’s best jugglers (really)!

Corey Fiala

CTO & Co-Founder
Corey specializes in the development of business systems and SaaS software, and has grown multiple companies from their inception to thousands of businesses, small and large. What you may not know about Corey is that he also plays numerous musical instruments.

Lezlie Bicknell

Director of Support
When she’s not at work, Lezlie is very much a family woman. She has been instrumental in helping many of our customers achieve success by maximizing their benefits from within the system. Lezlie has been married for 31 years, has 3 children and 5 grandchildren.

Susie Zak

Account Manager
Susie was originally hired to help with company accounting, billing for our customers, and to help baby sit Rob and make sure he actually got stuff done. Now the team could not get by without her.

Judy Foust

Technical Support - retired
A special thanks to Judy for all of her years of service. Enjoy your retirement Judy!

Noah Pardo-Friedman

Marketing and Video Training
Noah started in sales but we quickly realized that he has excellent communication skills and a background in theater. Noah is now cranking out all of our new training videos weekly. Check out some of the training videos and you’ll see Noah’s amazing work.

Tiffany Praefcke

Technical Support Manager
Tiffany is a highly valuable addition to the support team. Her programming knowledge and her love for the really hard to solve issues has earned her the manager position. She supports our tech support team and helps our priority customers directly.

Vincent Cheng

Vince is a very supportive ERS developer for our Tech Support team. If there is something complicated to tackle, Vince is our guy. Like the other developers in the office, Vince knows just about everything.

Adam DeAloe

He’s a great resource for our team of developers and is a real man’s man. He’s very knowledgeable and is a great guy to boot! In his free time, you might see him jump from the top of a mountain to glide and soar through the sky!

Yaz Ruiz

Technical Support
Yaz has the patience of a saint. Where most people take months to get a good understanding of the entire system, Yaz was up and running in a couple weeks. She’s also amazing at trouble shooting networking issues and she’s our designated Party Center expert with our software.

James Lay

A talented programmer and great with people! James is also a great musician and recording expert. In 2018, James became a father for the first time and his baby girl is the apple of his eye!

Richard Gieske

Our most recent addition to the development team and a highly respected App Developer. Richard is the quiet guy on the team but can make the biggest changes in ERS Development with his skills. We are lucky to have him join our team.

Josh Asplen

Technical Support
Josh has quickly grown into quite the resource for ERS. He is not only an expert in technical support, but he has also grown into our in-house trainer. Josh is also responsible for the majority of the knowledge base articles in the system. He has a very dry sense of humor that keeps you wondering if the story about the axe was a joke or not.

Ismael Cardenas

Social Media
Ismael is not only a valuable part of our social media presence, but also runs a rental company that uses the ERS software. His ability to reach others and help on a level that our customers can relate to, is a wonderful asset for our ERS Users Group. Be sure to join if you haven’t yet on Facebook.

Isabelle Weinstein

Office Associate
Isabelle is a high achiever and helps to make sure the office runs smoothly! Her intelligence comes natural. Her Dad Rob being a Co-Founder of ERS, and her Mom being a highly respected Pharmacist in the community offers some insight behind her entrepreneurial spirit. On Sundays, Isabelle and her Mom both sing in their church choir and their voices can melt hearts.

Kris Johnson

Kris is one of the most positive people you’ll ever meet. He is quite athletic and has one heck of an IQ too. Kris is a proud father of a very smart and athletic son too.

Richard Clark

Director of Paid Marketing
Married Father of 3. After serving in the Army spent several years working in Iraq on the US embassy for the Department of state. Since then he has run successful party rental and digital marketing businesses.

Name the Gnome

Office Prankster
When asked if there was anything else we should get from the store, Corey jokingly replied “a garden gnome.” As a result we spent half the day searching for a garden gnome. He magically moves around the office from day to day. He is currently in need of a name. Naming event details will be coming soon.

Liz Vigil

On-boarding Specialist
Liz is in charge of making sure that all of our new signups are being taken care of with the highest level of service. Liz has been dancing for many years and specializes in flamenco. We can’t wait for her upcoming castanets videos.

Sean Friend

Technical Support
Sean has a long history of technical support and management experience. He is the newest member of our team. Anyone who shows up for an interview with a star trek facemask and a bowtie is just our kind of guy. In his free time Sean is quite the artist and designs his own board games.

Rueben Sanchez

Technical Support
Rueben is tied to ERS in many ways. Not only has he previously worked with Josh and Sean at Verizon Wireless in technical support, he also worked in Corey’s previous company, Lavu. His soothing bass voice is capable of making even the most stressful situations calming.

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