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Affordable Pricing, Comprehensive Features – Tailored for Your Tent Rental Business

Explore our transparent and competitive pricing structure designed to fit businesses of all sizes. With Tent Rental Systems, you get more than just a software solution; you receive a full suite of features encompassing everything from real-time inventory management and online booking to advanced analytics and customer relationship tools. Each package is crafted to provide maximum value, ensuring you have all the necessary tools to streamline operations, enhance customer service, and grow your business, all within a budget that suits your business needs.

Our Pricing

Only items of $65 or greater and their quantities are considered items for billing purposes.

Tent Rental Systems

  • 1 - 50 ITEMS
  • 51 - 100 ITEMS
  • 101+ ITEMS
  • Set Up Fee
Tent Rental Systems Our Pricing Mobile
Tent Rental Systems Our Pricing


Tent Rental Systems



Tent Rental Systems

  • $99/year annual hosting fee required for all plans
  • A registered domain name (We recommend GoDaddy.com)

Due to the extensive labor involved from our team with “Elite” package, we require a minimum 3 month billing cycle for this plan.

Tent Rental Systems Requirements
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